Dateline: July 26, 1997

The following article appeared in the August '97 AFA Journal and is presented here for you to interpret as you like. Most of you will find it humorous, I'm sure.

The AFA Of Michigan Claims... "Stern Show Does Damage In Man's Life"!

It began innocently enough. During his long daily commute Chris would scan through the radio dial searching for something that sounded interesting. He found it - The Howard Stern Show.

At first Chris was simply curious about the media hype that surrounded Stern. But soon he had become a regular listener of the shock-jock's sex soaked daily radio broadcast. A year later Stern's perverted take on life had established a foothold on Chris' mental life. More and more Chris was escaping into a world of sexual fantasy. He now indulged in full-blown pornography abuse and his marriage was disintegrating.

Chris has seen AFA of Michigan's Internet site ( and learned about the affiliate's effort to monitor Stern's filthy radio program. Subsequently, he told his story to Bill Johnston, AFAM's state director.

Johnson: You as a Christian man somehow got sucked into listening to The Howard Stern Show. Describe how it has impacted your life.

Chris: ...It completely affected my entire life. One little innocent starting to listen to his show turned into full blown addiction to pornography, changed my whole attitude toward life, made me extremely moody and depressed, affected my marriage, affected my job. It affected everything.....

Johnson: You're really talking about desensitization here, aren't you? How did this happen?

Chris: A lot of The Howard Stern about average people, people like you and me who have families, who have jobs, who are just kind of fed up with certain things. And they're looking for an escape from reality... He has a lot of shows that jest about sexual connotations. You begin to explore some of those things that he says.

Johnson: Did listening to Stern affect your relationship with your wife?

Chris: Absolutely. As I began to listen to Howard Stern, coming home was a real drag. It was almost like I became more selfish-into myself, [I began to think] maybe my wife isn't beautiful. Maybe my wife isn't this or that... I began to forget about... serving my wife. As men and as husbands we're supposed to lay down our lives and serve our wives. But that show made me a very selfish and perverted man, and it did affect all areas of our relationship, especially in the area of sexuality.

Johnson reports that AFAM's efforts are proving fruitful. Penske Oil has pulled their ads nationwide. Hershey Foods said they are not only stopping advertising on Stern, but would not run commercials on any radio station that broadcast the program.

AFA of Michigan continues to seek volunteers in a number of markets around the country to monitor The Howard Stern Show and identify advertisers.
Call 616-924-4050 for more information.

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