Updated: April 2, 1997


It's about time that I fessed up about my little April Fools' Day assholerie entitled, "CBS SAYS "SEE YA" TO STERN!".

Yes, I admit it, it was a joke. A clever and well-executed joke at that.

I started planning my chicanery a few weeks ago when I first came up with the outline for the story. I spent the latter part of Easter writing it, crossing all my Ts and dotting all my Is, and then carefully waiting for Howard to be away on his barely announced Spring vacation before planting the story with Sunday's date on my Web site.

For those of you who fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Gotcha!

For those you who thought it wasn't funny, and you know who you are, what can I say? It always amazes me when Stern fans show little or no sense of humor. That something as playful and innocuous as an April Fools' Day joke can get some people up in arms.

Some fans are even crying foul because I planted the story on Sunday 3/30, and since it wasn't really April Fools' Day, it was wrong. Well then, let me ask you this. When Robin throws Howard's birthday show on a Friday that is 2 or 3 days before his actual birthday, is it any less his birthday show? In order for my story to seem real, I had to throw people off the track by posting it early or it would have been really obvious with a story like that showing up on April 1.

For those of you who saw through it, eventually, congratulations! But admit it, you had to give it some thought, didn't you?

For those of you who appreciated it and saw the brilliance in it, and there are many of you including the NY Post, I say, Thank You.

Special thanks to Mike Walker of The National Enquirer, who picked up on my little story on his show immediately following Howard on KLSX in Los Angeles. When a caller mentioned that it was all over the Web, Mike said that he would look into it. Later on, Mike said he thought that Howard wasn't fired, but even if he was, he had a separate contract with Infinity Broadcasting and not CBS.

As an added unexpected bonus, my little prank caused some panic and confusion with some of the Stern show affiliates around the country who, when calling the Stern show, couldn't get confirmation or denials about the story from anyone credible on the show since everyone was on vacation. Sources tell me (really) that K-Rock received many calls about the subject and wouldn't comment on it.

Regardless of how you reacted to the story, I hope you understand it was all in the name of fun and was a harmless April Fools prank that didn't hurt or kill anyone.

Thanks again and thanks for stopping by...

Kevin Renzulli

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