Dateline: April 3, 1997

E-Mail From My Howard Hoax!

The e-mail over my little Howard Hoax is running overwhelmingly towards the positive. However, there have been several people who are down right pissed off at me and vow never to set foot in KOAM.COM. So I thought I'd share some of their negative comments along with some of my positive e-mail, to sort of balance things out.

Since I'm not a sadistic or evil person, I've decided not to include the e-mail addresses of people who flamed (hate e-mail) me over the Hoax because it will only result in angry flames from fans who did appreciate the joke.

You idiot! You don't do a April Fool's joke on March 30th. That completely negates the skill required to pull the joke off on April 1. You did nothing, there was no cleverness involved. I hope Howard reams you out for this. As for myself I will no longer use your website and I mean it! You come off as stupid as the most thick headed caller to the show. Again what a idiot!

P.S. Do Howard a favor and close down your website.

2. April Fools is on April 1, not March 30, the day you published the report.
3. Yes I can take a joke.

If your going to play a joke, at least make sure you know the rules!


Subject: YOU GOT ME!!

You fucking genius!! That was the best. I fell for it all the way. I actually was ready to go a year without Howard!! Even the people in the chat room bought it. YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS!! That was the most convincing article. You did great. I didn't figure it out until I went into the newsgroup and someone mentioned it and I nearly fell off my chair. You had me going for a good five hours. I was looking through back issues of the newspaper looking for the story and I watched the E! show tonight thinking they were going to have an update on the story!! I was waiting to go into work tomorrow and have all the Howard haters give me shit!! This is incredible Kevin. Hats off to you!! -Kurt S., Dallas.

Subject: April Fools - Nice Work

Hey Nice Job, you may count me among those fooled.

Thankfully I didn't make an ass out of myself blabbing it about, but I was wondering the last couple of days why any company would toss out its big product for no real reason.

I tip my hat to you.

Now not only do you have a cool web page, you also have fooled many. I hope you feel great about it, cause if it wasn't done right you'd look like an idiot.

Subject: Nice One


I fell so hard for your gag that I wrote CBS an email. Among other insults, I wished the Ten Plagues upon them and ended the note with, "The Fist of Stern will enter your Posteriors!!"

Thanks For Making me look like a total ass....


Subject: Cruel but Good


I must say you're cruel, but talented. As I was reading the first paragraph, I was semi-believing it but then I figured it just had to be a joke. However, nothing in the story gave it away. The 3/30/97 was a nice touch. Deep down I knew it had to be a joke but I have to admit, I kept checking the web site to see if you had come clean yet!

I felt uncomfortable talking to anyone about it because a little corner of me was afraid it could be true. I've been waiting down here in NC for almost 7 years for the show to come here and just a couple weeks ago it finally came to a station not in our market but just close enough to get good reception. Would this have been true, it would have been my worst nightmare. I can see how this might have upset people but once it was revealed that it was a joke I can't see how people could stay mad, sheesh. I think the fact that affiliates were worried because of it is hilarious. I wonder if Howard will mention it on Monday (hey, I'll actually get to hear it for myself!) Factors that gave me hope that it was a joke (besides being April 1, of course): - how could they fire their big money-maker? - no news reports on such a huge story (this is a dead give-away) - you pulled a fast one last year, too, that I fell for hook, line and sinker - my personal favorite -- all the links to send you email had mysteriously disappeared. This was really the clincher for me (except for that little corner of fear that didn't go away until you admitted the joke) Again, good job on the piece. It sounded very authentic (although, the cheery "I'll keep you posted" at the end was pretty weird, too. Just don't do it again. :-) Eric

Here's what The NY Post's Page Six had to say about the hoax. It's towards the middle of the page at the end of a story called, "Stupid PETA Tricks For April Fools"...
The NY Post, Page 6.


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