Dateline: January 7, 1997 - 6PM -

Austin Affiliate Flips Format!

The Stern show's Austin, Texas, affiliate ended 1996 with a format change last Monday, December 30, when 98.9FM KUTZ, The Rock, as it was known, flipped format to Talk with the new call-letters, KJFK-FM. Luckily, the Stern show remains, but that's about all that is left of the former rock station.

The station's new programming consists primarily of nationally syndicated talk programs. According to the local producer of the Stern show here, the format is similar to that of WJFK-FM in Washington, DC. Howard's show is still the featured program at the station, but he is now followed by G. Gordon Liddy, which is joined in progress from WJFK and continues until 2PM locally. Following Liddy, from 2-5PM, is the "Don & Mike Show", which originates live out of DC., as well.

Other notable programs include "Larry King Live" and "Ferrall on the Bench" . The station's new slogan is "98.9FM KJFK, Austin's New Real Talk FM --- Austin's Talk With An Attitude."

The 18,000 watt station is now broadcasting entirely in mono. Their website is currently under (re)construction, but should be up and ready within a few weeks. ( http://www.98.9 )

Story By Rob Miller
With Kevin Renzulli


One of my CIA-HOLES reports that on Thursday (1/2), when Howard started talking about Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys, KJFK shut Howard's show down until he was done with his rap.

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