Howard Speaks Out About Billy West!

In the November 29th issue of Steppin' Out Magazine, Chaunce Hayden asked Howard about Billy leaving the show. For the very first time anywhere, Howard gives his side of the Billy Debacle.

"I'm not sure exactly what happened to Billy West. He was in the middle of negotiations with Infinity, and I guess his negotiations broke down. He wanted a certain amount of money and they didn't give it to him. At least that's what Billy told me when he left. However, he didn't leave with any hard feelings. Billy's a great talent. The show was lucky enough to have him for a year or two, however, the show has always been highly rated; it doesn't just rely on Billy. He was a nice part of the program but I don't think it'll affect the show either way. I mean it'll affect me personally because I love Billy and I love working with him, but, you know, I don't think that it will affect the ratings".

On Billy's possible return to the show, Howard added...

"Oh, I think there's always a chance of Billy returning. You know, it's sort of the door is always open kind of thing. I just think that's it's unfortunate. I had no idea that he was negotiating or anything, and all of a sudden he told me his negotiations weren't going very well and that he was taking off. ...He was a great guy and a great talent too".

Special thanks to Steppin' Out Magazine and Chaunce Hayden.

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