"Miss America" : Fastest Selling Book Ever!

Reports from around the country are indicating that Howard's new book is the fastest selling book in one day, in history, breaking a three year old record, set by Madonna. By 5pm Tuesday night, Regan Books had the book in it's 6th printing, to meet the demand for orders. (Back Cover Pictured)

The book has some of Howard's staff upset. Robin and Fred have expressed their anger over certain passages in the book. Angered by Howard's claim that he was "homophobic", Fred responded by calling Howard a "scumbag". Neither Robin or Fred were fully pleased with the text about themselves, however, it's nothing worse than has been said on the air. In my opinion, Howard was quite gracious about Robin and revealed his honest feeling about both of them, possibly even pulling punches not to hurt the two people he really loves the most out of his radio family.

Media Coverage.

Last night's EXTRA showed people on line at Barnes & Noble in NYC and Book Soup in LA in the early morning hours. LA's Book Soup was sold out of several thousand copies of the book by 9am. One excited Stern fan held both of Howard's books in his hands and called them the old and the new testament. EXTRA delved into Howard's revelation that he suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for over 20 years. Astute Stern fans should know that this is absolutely true. At one point, Howard Stern seemed like Howard Hughes with his quirks. Sources tell me that next week Howard will be taping a Geraldo and this Friday is 20/20's John Stossel piece on ABC-TV.

(11/7) Miss America Goes On Sale!

As predicted, Howard's new book, "Miss America", went on sale Tuesday (11/8) at 6:30am. Stuttering John was down at a Barnes & Noble in NYC and there were over 250 people ready to shell out some cash for Howard's second entry in the book field. For west coast fans, Book Soup in LA had the book on sale at 6am.

The 482 page book is filled with chapters on Howard's Cybersex, his mental illness, the phoney phone callers, the war with John DeBella, the staff and lots of color photos.

Stern fans should stay tuned to this web site for FULL in depth examination and INSIDE information about the book.

Just The Facts...

For those of you who have read the book, yes that's me Howard mentions on page 382 as Captain Janks' accomplice on the Jerry Lewis Telephone call. Truth be told, I had more to do with that and most of Janks' calls than I was given credit for. I set up the airline tickets in Larry King's name so that the producers could verify his flight. I rehearsed Janks and advised him on the use of the King sound bites to effectively pass the screener. When screeners on Larry King and C-SPAN got smart to Janks' voice and methods, I found and bought him the infamous voice-alterer phone. On another note, for the record, It was my idea to call up King of all Messengers with King of all Song Parodies and break KOAMessenger's balls as the FCC. Janks didn't participate at all in that call.

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