The following e-mail is FROM Stern fans who live in the Chicago area and have to deal with Mancow's show, his fans and WCKG as part of every day life.

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 95

Tragic accident in Chicago-area a few weeks ago. A school bus was hit by a commuter train and several kids were killed.

Man "blow chow" took advantage of a tragic situation to boost ratings by telling the audience that the children killed were listeners of the show.

Hey, c'mon! Even if that was true, isn't it a little self serving to turn a very sad and tragic situation into a ratings boost.

This unstable person played "cheap" dramatic music under as he talked about the children killed and how they listened. On top of that, the whimp, chimp and gimp of the Chicago airwaves had the nerve to act all choked up. What tragedy will this guy leech onto next for ratings points.

It's too bad that intelligent people scanning the airwaves of Chicago can see through this. It's the knuckleheads that buy into the dramatics thinking this bonehead actually cares.

The only thing Mancow cares about is whether the paycheck clears and his parking space is still reserved.



Paul Marran

Subject: Howard still reigns. Mancow blows
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 95 03:31:37

no gifs or jpegs. Just solid market info. Even though Howard was taken off the FM outlet in Chicago, about a week later the ratings came out-- and guess what? Howard jumped from # 18 to # 7 in the few short months he was on in Chicago. Even olympians don't make that much improvement.

Michael Disney (GM of chicago outlet WCKG) made a personal decision to take something that was effectively working off the air. If I was in management at WCKG, I'd take a serious look at his decision. He cost his company millions in ad revenue--why? Hmm, because he is content with WCKG being a tired station.Mr. Disney, the early 80's are over. WCKG is lame music with over nicotined DJ's whose fame comes from hosting has been theme parties in has been bars.

Howard now resides on WJJD AM-1160. He will return to the FM. In the meantime, he is putting AM back on the dial in Chicago.

As for Mancow, well let's just say, as the morning drive clock ticks, and more Chicagoans are exposed to his Sternism rip-offs, Howard will continue to dominate (no matter which frequency). As a result, Mancow's pants will overflow with Turd, the mentally challenged side-kick from the show for mentally challenged people.

Have a nice day,
Paul Marran

Subject: Mancow's garbage
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 22:55:38 -0500 (CDT)

I am a 22 year old Korean college student and I am proud to say that Howard Stern is the greatest radio personality in the world. I have lived in the Chicago suburbs all of my life and have seen many morning radio personalities come and go. Stern IS Stern. I admit, I only started listening to him in the past two years, but I am forever hooked.

Suffice to say, it is quite apparent to me that Mancow is the most long-winded and posturing phony I have ever heard. I listened to him for five minutes a couple weeks ago, promoting some idiot who got voted out of Chicago politics and who claims that the entire country's troubles can be blamed on the Chicago Seven and the hippies. What is this guy, on G.Gordon Liddy's mailing list? And Mancow was agreeing with him! He also somehow linked the "drug-addicted" hippies to redistricting, which in his own opinion, was the only reason he didn't get re-elected. Pathetic. And Mancow: "Yeah, right man. Right on."

By the way, if you want to know what kind of audience listens to 103.5FM, I'll tell you. WHITE TRASH COCKROCK FANS. The only female artist they play on 103.5 is Alannis Morrisette, because these dorks think they have a chance of getting a girl like her. Pathetic.

Howard, even through AM muffled sound, you're the greatest.

Namky Thomas Lim
aka Homer Simpson

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