Lesbian Kiss Leaves Leno Pissed!

On Thursday's (11/30) Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Howard was totally out of control. The segment opened with the band playing the Miss America theme and two big breasted bikini clad woman escorting Howard onto stage while holding large versions of his book cover. Sporting his new facial hair along with his new blue do, Howard offered Jay a 15 rating by having the two busty beauties kiss on network TV. The editing was like an adult movie on Playboy. While you knew the girls were kissing, the Tonight Show used long wide shots and blocked shots to obscure the pay-off.

As the segment continued, Howard offered to spank one of the girls. "It will be edited out. It's beyond my control," Jay promised. As the girl got on Howard's lap, Jay sat there with a blue sharpie pen in his mouth nervously laughing and rocking in his chair. When Howard brought the girl over to Jay's desk, where she got on all fours, Jay cut to a commercial break with full shock and panic on his face.

After the break, Howard sat there and trashed other celebrity books. A little more somber, now that Jay had lectured him. When Siskel and Ebert came out, Howard sat there with one of the girls on his lap. The whole time, Siskel & Ebert sat there trying to discuss the movie "Casino" like it mattered while the audience was totally focused on the girl licking Howard's toes, which was only seen by the audience.

When the show ended, Jay got up and went over to Siskel & Ebert and shook their hands. With a look of anger and disgust on his face, Jay avoided Howard and walked off the stage, leaving Howard to walk off unthanked with the girls in-tow.

During Friday's radio show (12/1), Jay called in to discuss the appearance with Howard and Robin. "It's another chapter in our continuing saga," Jay told Howard during the early morning call. "Man is he playing it down," Howard said of Jay's disgust. Jay still seemed a little pissed off because of what Howard had done. He also claimed that no other guest could come on his show without revealing what he would be doing, and this is what can happen. It seems that Howard hid the two girls in his dressing room bathroom and no one knew what he had planned. Jay also wished he could have just talked to Howard instead of all the schtick. Later on in the show, Roger Ebert called in and claimed Howard's segment was "pretty steamy" in a prudent way, which is interesting coming from a man who's got jungle fever. I'll keep you posted!

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