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Howard said as a child that he felt that being on the cover of Mad Magazine was a sign of "having made it". Well Howard, you certainly have.

In the back of issue #339, September 1995, The Howard Stern Show is immortalized in a 4 page spread entitled "Howard at the Mike" featuring Howard, Robin, Baba Booey, Jackie, Jackie Puppet, Fred, Billy and Stuttering John. There's even a cameo appearance by Mel Karmazin, the seldom every mentioned owner of Infinity Broadcasting.

Also featured in the issue are various members of the Wack Pack. Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, King of all Messengers, Captain Janks and Melrose Larry Green are truly captured in ink from their pictures in "Private Parts".

Special Thanks To Mad Magazine For Their Great Tribute To Howard.
1995 Mad Magazine. All Rights Reserved.

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