Karmazin Comments On Stern

In an interview in Friday's (9/8/95) Radio & Records, Infinity Owner and head muckity muck, Mel Karmazin, comments on Howard's inability to actually give people AIDS or Cancer.

"We have to recognize that when Howard makes his comments, it's not like yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre. Howard gets an awful lot of credit for being very powerful, but Howard doesn't have the ability to give somebody AIDS. Howard is a comedian; you shouldn't give Howard more credit than he's worth. He doesn't have a direct line to the person who can control whether a person does or doesn't get ill."

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In another interview in Friday Morning Quarterback where Mel Karmazin explains the reasons for his turn-around in regards to the FCC, he may have let the cat out of the bag.

"...since Infinity believes that the Howard Stern show conforms to the FCC's view of indecency, resolution of these ongoing proceedings which involve isolated prior broadcasts will enhance our opportunity to further expand the Howard Stern program into additional markets."

As OJ would say... "What the Hell is that supposed to mean?" Is Howard full of hot air over leaving Infinity? Mel has implied that a major reason for the deal was to "further expand the Howard Stern program into additional markets." Doesn't he listen to Howard's show? How can you expand a program that's not going to be yours for much longer? Mel knows something we obviously don't.

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