Howard Squeezes The Juice!!

On Wednesday's (11/29) "Best of Stern" was the infamous 8 minute interview with OJ Simpson from March of 1993. At the time, OJ was on the Board of Directors of Infinity Broadcasting, the company that employs Howard, and was at the corporate offices when he stopped into the studio for this rare interview.

Hearing OJ say his now immortalized OJ-isms such as, "I would love to", "it happens", "beating a dead horse", "look out", "she's good" and "I would Like that" in their original context was enough to make any Stern fan chuckle and laugh out loud. After hearing the OJ-isms for the past year as OJ joined the Stern show via snippits and the magic OJ 8-Ball, it was great to hear the interview in it's entirety once again. Also in the interview, OJ talks about his beautiful unnamed girlfriend, now revealed to be Paula Barbiarie. That's when he exclaims, "she's good" and "look out".

Little did Howard know that he had an exclusive some 2 1/2 years early when OJ ended his brief interview with Howard and Robin by explaining, "I plead the fifth". After OJ left, Gary came in and said, "I can't believe he's been out of football for 10 years and he's in such incredible shape, he looks like he could play tomorrow". Where was Gary when the DA need him?

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1995 The KOAM Newsletter.