Quivers Quarrels With The King!

Growing more angry by the day over comments made about her by Howard in his new book, Robin lashed out Thursday morning with the following tirade: "I'm very hurt about how this person (Howard) that I cared about for so many years and worked so hard with, how he feels about me, and there it is in print." Howard told her, "Well, that's how I feel about you, you'll just have to deal with it." "I'll just have to deal with", Robin repeated over and over as she grew angrier and angrier. After things calmed down, Howard told Robin, "I have no malicious feels towards you. I hold you in very high regard and am quite fond of you." "I am shocked and disappointed, that you'd feel that way.", he added.

Check here often as I will be reporting on the fights associated with the book and the show on this page.

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