Stern Stops Traffic In NYC!

Over ten thousands Stern fans flocked to Brentanos book store on 5th Ave in New York City Thursday to greet the King, or should I say Drag Queen Of All Media. Howard was dressed in full drag like his book cover and arrived in a silver Town Car around 11:30am. Crowds began growing early Thursday morning as fans got on line to get their books signed. After arriving, Howard took off most of his make-up and costume, which came complete with a diamond tiara, and signed book after book.

During the signing, Howard was surrounded by several bikini-clad woman, his agent, his body guard, Mike Gange, Gorilla, Gary, Nicole Bass and other hanger-oners including Ralph. Captain Janks, who's featured in the book, was also there with a stunning blonde named Jennifer, who was way out of his league. Also there was Penthouse Pet, Amy Lynn, who was dressed in a tight black top with her big breasts and nipples standing erect. Amy is truly beautiful and would, in my opinion, make Howard an excellent wife and sexual play-thing.

The crowd was laced with wacky fans such as Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Melrose Larry Green and Others. Some ambitious Stern fans brought signs, posters and yes, there were plenty of "Fuck Jackie" signs. Police reports say the line was over 1/2 mile long and "well behaved". Stay Tuned For More Book Signing Updates...

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