On-Line At The NY Book Signing!!
By Joe Merole

I arrived at the booksigning at 10am. I was amazed how long the line was. It went 3/4 of the way around the block of 48th street and up Madision avenue for three blocks. I Hung out with a great group of people. While on Madison Ave, three hot looking girls working in a second floor office hung a big sign, "We will strip for Howard". The crowd roared but no response. These girls were having a meeting in a conference room. The guy standing next to me and I were motioning to them to take it off. He took his shirt off and posed. That got their attention! Finaly, they started. One at a time they flashed some skin and bra. I know it doesn't sound like much, but these chicks were hot!! Other fun moments on the line were answering the usual questions from passerbys, "What are you waiting on line for?" Answers included, "This is the line for the methadone clinic", "Were here to worship satan", "Were here for Cats", etc. A real lovefest all around. Hope everyone was there.

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1995 The KOAM Newsletter