Dateline: November 7, 1997

Jackie's Off The E! Show Again!

During this morning's show, Howard revealed that, once again, Jackie would no longer be part of the E! TV show. Starting today, Jackie will no longer be lit by the studio lights and he'll be surrounded by a "wall" to help block himself out from the various cameras in the studio until the matter is settled.

Longtime Stern fans will recall that when the E! show first aired in 1994, Jackie was conspicuously missing from the first three months of the first season due to his inability to work out a deal with E! over money and plugs.

Now some three years later, Jackie's back to square one. Apparently he wants more money for being on the E! show and E! hasn't said yes as of yet.

First claiming he didn't want to get involved with the Martling/E! money matter, Howard later told Jackie to "work it out" with E!.

As More Becomes Available, I'll Keep You Posted!

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