Updated: December 20, 1997

Anti Jackie Fans Speak Out!

Lately my e-mail about Jackie is running 90% in favor of his return to the show. So in fairness to the fact that I was only posting positive letters, I've decided to put up some of the anti-Jackie e-mail.
While I do think that Jackie added much to the show, I don't think that his absence will hurt the show toooo much. I remember in 1988, when he left the show. I did notice something missing, but it was not irreplaceable. I'd miss Stuttering John, Gorillo, etc. if the left, but I'd go on. I think that people are afraid of change, I say bring on the "Jackie Replacement".
- Glenn -

I am sick of reading these dopey people and their dopey suggestions about Jackie and how "great" he is. Can you put up a page of people who think Jackie is a dick?

Bottom line is, Jackie is a selfish bastard. He has money, he has a hot little (although big mouthed) wife, several houses by the beach and all of his other crap. I'm sure Jackie want's to be paid closer to what Howard and Robin are getting, but it ain't gonna happen. He's not worth that.

Example. If David Letterman's head writer suddenly insisted on getting close to what David or Paul Shafer make in terms of salary, he'd be laughed out of the business. Why not Jackie? He's not that funny! I don't find much of what he says funny! If you want funny, bring back Billy West! Now that's funny! I only regret that Jackie wasn't fired earlier so that they could have hired Billy full time. That was his chief concern back then. He wanted more days on the air, a full time job.

So, let bygones be bygones and let Jackie just Be Gone! Good riddance you fat, drunken slob! I hope you get drunk, fall over a boat and drown!

P.S. I read the book for FREE at Barnes and Noble. They have cute little tables where you can sit and read. I read about 1/4 of it and had to put it back on the shelf it was so boring! Glad I got to read without buying it!

- Chris -

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