Dateline: January 13, 1998
Stern Speaks Out Again On Jackie's Situation!

Speculation is that Howard is about announce his new Saturday Night TV show on CBS that will compete with NBC's SNL. From Howard's comments on Monday, it seems that he'd rather have Jackie on board for the project then not.

During Monday's show, Howard gave fans of the show a brief update on Jackie's situation while taking a phone call...

CALLER: ..."Any word on the Jackie negotiations?"

HOWARD: "Jackie wants more money to do the show and Tom and the management here are trying to work it out with him."

ROBIN: "Are they still working on it?"

HOWARD: "I don't know... and the fact of the matter is... I love working with Jackie. I hope they work it out but if it doesn't what can you do."

ROBIN: "Well how long are we going to wait to see if it works out?"

HOWARD: "Not much longer to be quite honest with you because there are some interesting developments that I'll be talking about. I want to make sure if that's going to be worked out, fine, if it's not, then I'll just move along. We dig him! ...Obviously I like the guy. I don't want to pressure the situation but... what can I tell you, the show must go on."

ROBIN: "Well I have MY thoughts about that."

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