Dateline: January 28, 1998
Jackie Martling Returns!

JackieStern fans can rejoice this morning with the long-awaited return of Jackie Martling to the Stern show fold.

On this morning's show, Howard, in his own bizarre way, welcomed the Joke Man back after his 6 week absence.

"I can tell by the stink of booze in the room Jackie has returned... I have to admit it was a lot more pleasant smelling in here while he was gone," Howard said.

"So what happened Joke Man? You worked out all your monetary differences with the station? he added. Jackie then piped up about his return, "We are friends once again."

Howard then asked him what he did on his break. "I drank, fought with my wife... It got very old, so I said 'what the hell' and came back to work."

Full Jackie sound effects and ball-busting were immediately reinstated.

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