Dateline: October 2, 1997

Marti and Captain Janks On E!

MartiOn last night's E! TV show, the segment aired where the woman who Captain Janks lived with for a few weeks while in Cleveland, called in with several accusations about his antics.

This story isn't about believing Janks unconditionally or slamming Marti, it is about trying to keep some of the truth alive and out there.

As I've explained before, Janks told me about Marti even before he went to stay with her in June. He also told me he did have sex with her often while he was there as her guest. As to what she looks like, I hadn't seen her until last night but Janks' description of her several months ago was an excited, "she's short and cute and I'm gonna fuck her". In all honesty, Marti, 5 feet tall, okay, but 120 LBS? ...Don't think so....Marti#2

As for the "gang-bang" that Janks claimed Marti was the object of, I don't know if it's true but Kenneth Keith Kallenbach did claim on the E! show that it did happen. From what I know about Kenneth, he seldom, if never lies. I was let in on that little tid bit a few months ago before it became an issue of truth between Janks and Marti. Janks called (at Marti's expense) to tell me that a bunch of guys including Kallenbach allegedly "gang-banged" her after they broke up. Could this be one of the things Marti was referring to when she candidly said as the E! camera rolled, "There's two things he can't bring up. ...Deny Deny."

Marti#3Janks' antic during the segment seemed a bit childish at best while Marti seemed more relaxed and rehearsed. I'm sure there are truths and lies on both sides. The truth is usually found somewhere within the lies. For all I know, most-everything Marti was saying could be the truth. I've been there before myself as Gary attested to when he spoke with Howard about Janks and myself.

"...Captain Janks is so obsessed with being famous that he'll do anything to make a phoney phone call. So if you let him in your house, no matter what, he's gonna run up that bill. And he'll apologize. You know, he's got a good friend in New Jersey, that guy Kevin, he runs up the guys bill and then he apologizes. He just can't help himself." To which Howard replied, "He needs rich friends."

For now, the Janks and Marti's love spat is over and hopefully will settle in as part of Stern show history.

No phone calls please...

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