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Kenneth Keith & Sarah Jessica Parker

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kenneth keithRecently Released!

Kenneth Keith's New CD Release Of "Yeah!"

"Yeah!" Includes...
15 KKK Originals!

I Got Beers, Doggy Doggy Ruff, 40 Ouncer and More!

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A Brief History Of And By Kenneth Keith Kallenbach!

Gorilla & KenWell I was normal, once! (See Picture) In June of 1990, I was working and listening to The Howard Stern radio show. I heard Howard announce the address of the station and mailed him a short letter telling him that I could do this trick where I smoke a cigarette, hold my nose, and then force the smoke out of the corner of my eye. I never expected a response and I probably would not have written again but someone from his show called me and said that Howard was starting up a new TV show on Channel 9 in New York and asked me to come on the first show and do this. I told that person, "Yeah!"

I went on the show and attempted my stunt. Nobody from the show actually saw the smoke come out. I think they thought I was making it all up. Years later I did prove it. I then went on The Howard Stern TV Show about 15 more times for various things. After Howard canceled his own show with Channel 9, I began making appearances on his radio show. I've been on several trips with the show including the Cleveland funeral and to the Libertarian convention in Albany, NY. I've appeared in both of Howard's books and I've been on the Stern show on the E! channel several times. I've done too much to list and time is short.

Now, I want to explain the beginning of "The Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Band". I played in and out of garage bands since I was 15. I took organ lessons for 3 years, drum lessons for 1 year, and played every instrument in a band. I always fooled around with guitar and in December of 1994 I assembled a couple of my friends and began "The Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Band". On my new album, "Yeah", that's just been releasd, I play guitar and sing. This CD was a true labor of love, Yeah!

To this day I still make appearances on The Howard Stern Show and I still play in The Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Band. On the CD I'm now selling, is 15 of my original songs. There is more to the picture than meets the eye.

Remember what Kenneth Keith Kallenbach always says "I'm No Wacko!", "I'm Confused!", "Yeah!","Comedy Rock" and "Hode On".

I am also selling The Kenneth Keith Kallenbach TV Show, episodes 1,2,3. The first show was the one that you saw clips of on The Howard Stern Show on the E! channel. The second one is much better. And number three recently finished shooting.

If you want The Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Show on video, send $15, plus $5 for Shipping and Handling for each episode to address below. According to Kevin from the newsletter, his favorite scene is when I set the Forrest on fire when I burn videotapes. It is a "must see", according to him. I would also like to get my own TV show, so watch the show, tell a friend and see what you think.

Accolades! - Kenneth Keith Kallenbach

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Kenneth's Video Shows, Volumes 1 to 4
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Personally Autographed 8x10 Black and White Photo Of Kenneth Keith.
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Personally Autographed Fender Squire Stratocaster Guitar.
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To place an order for any of these products, you can write to:

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach
PO Box 1840
Boothwyn, PA 19061

Go See Kenneth Keith Kallenbach's band at a bar with balls near you!

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