Dateline: March 21, 1997

KLSX FM Settles Stern Charges!

According to published reports, 97.1 KLSX FM, Los Angeles, has followed in the foot steps of Infinity Broadcasting with an FCC settlement over indecency charges brought against Howard's show back in 1992. The "voluntary contribution" of $105,000 will be made to the US Treasury and in no way means that KLSX is admitting any guilt or liability with regard to whether the material was indecent or not.

With Greater Media's planned swap of KLSX FM, to CBS for WMMR FM, Philadelphia, it was required to settle the case so that the swap would be approved by the FCC. All unresolved matters with the FCC must be cleared in order for the swap's paperwork to go through smoothly.

This move finally puts Howard's show on a CBS property in Los Angeles, the nation's #2 radio market and gives Greater Media another outlet in Philly, where they already own several popular signals.

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