Dateline: February 11, 1997

Howard's Not Happy With LA Magazine!

LA MagazineDuring this morning's show, Howard made it perfectly clear that regardless of what the cover claims, he did not write the featured article in this month's "Los Angeles Magazine" entitled, "The End Of Hollywood As You Know it". "It's embarrassing to me," he told this morning's guest, William Shatner.

Howard explained earlier that he was asked a bunch of goofy questions while being photographed for the cover as part of the promotional plan of "Private Parts".

Howard's anger stems from the fact that he had nothing to do with the writing of the story itself, but was billed as the author on the cover. "I don't know how this happened but there's an article with my name on it that I didn't write," he vented.

Meanwhile, on last night's "Entertainment Tonight", Howard was shown posing for the magazine cover, which, he said on this morning's show, he wasn't to thrilled with and added that he had full picture approval but they ignored his input. The purpose of the gold makeup; Howard was posing as the Oscar statue he plans on winning at next year's Academy Awards. (Pictures Below)Statue

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