Dateline: August 4, 1997

Shock Jock To Rock Montreal!

According to published reports, Howard is making his international broadcasting debut on September the 2nd, in Montreal, Quebec (Can.).

CHOM-FM 97.7 has decided that their morning show was not pulling enough listeners, and most of those listeners that were not CHOM's target audience.

CHOM, "Montreal's Classic Rock", is owned by CHUM Ltd. of Toronto. The president of CHUM said, in a statement, that he thinks Montreal is the appropriate choice for Stern's Canadian debut, as it is Canada's most cosmopolitan and open-minded city.

CHOM will actually spend more money to broadcast Stern's show than they are right now making their own. Some reports say that they have made a huge gamble on Stern, signing a contract for five years.

No word yet as to how the CRTC, Canada's answer to the FCC, will react. The CRTC is even more severe than the FCC, with larger fines and a broader range of "no-no's".

CHOM seems to be willing to take that risk, and all the risks associated with being the first station to bring Howard Stern's morning show to a city outside of the United States.


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