Dateline: August 5, 1997

The FCC Fines K-Rock!

For the last few months, Howard has eluded to new fines that were coming down the pike from the FCC. Well, this week the Stern hit the fan with a $6000 fine when Howard's flagship station, WXRK FM, 92.3 K-Rock, was hit with a Notice of Apparent Liability (a fine) for having aired segments of the Stern show that were found to be indecent enough by the FCC to fine WBUZ in Richmond and WEZB in New Orleans both $10,000 late last year.

One theory why the NY Stern show affiliate is now getting fined may have to do with a letter Infinity, now CBS, wrote to the FCC back in 1994. The letter explained to the FCC that, "It can be assumed that if Stern show material was broadcast by ...a Stern show affiliate, it was also broadcast by WXRK."

However, CBS says that's not the case anymore since CBS/Stern show affiliates can use a 7 second delay to control the show's contents as it airs locally.

Since there were the two well documented complaints from New Orleans and Richmond, the FCC had enough proof of so-called violations in those cities. With Stern show affiliates having editorial control over what airs on their stations and without direct proof through a tape or complaint, there is no evidence that the offending segments ever aired anywhere except where cited in New Orleans and Richmond and the point of origin which was WXRK in New York.

CBS has until mid-August to respond to these allegation.

As more becomes available, I'll keep you posted!

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