Updated: June 26, 1997

Norfolk Nightmare! - Part II

He's two first-hand account of what's going on in Norfolk!

KR -Its Jimmy From Norfolk. A Lot Has Happened Since Friday 6\20. As

You Know Stern Man Was Canceled Fri. The Fag Radio Station (93.7) Built

Up A Lot Of Hype About A New Morning Show On Their Sister Station 96X To

Begin Monday Morning. You Would Think HEY NOW Their Gonna Put Howard

On The Rock & Roll Sister Station, right???? NO, They Start Out Bad

Mouthing The Hell Out Of The Stern Show And Announce The New Show Is

Fuckin ManQueer. What A Kick In The Nuts To Howard And All The Fans.

Dude I Have Sworn Off Of Morning Radio Until (Not If But When) The King

Of ALL Media Returns To Southern Virginia.

Thanks For Your Time Man,



Just to let you know, Perry Stone is now the morning DJ at "The Coast". He

was taking phone calls all morning from Stern Fans and basically telling them

he wasn't bringing in enough revenue into the station. You know that SOB was

gloating big time. Since I'm an ex- NYer and living in Richmond, we were

teased for 10 months here, at least I could pick up the Norfolk Station here

on good mornings, now we are left with nothing. At least we have the E! Show,

and your great website, but that does not do enough for me.

A Norfolk Fan.


Reports also indicate indicate that Mancow is now on WKOC's sister station, WROX 96.1 FM, with Howard Stern imitator, Perry Stone, doing mornings at The Coast replacing Howard. Both Stone and Mancow are said to be gloating over Howard's cancellation.

In a nut shell, the owners of The Coast canceled Stern, replaced him with Perry Stone and now have Mancoward on their other station WROX, replacing Stone.

As always, I'll keep you posted!

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