Dateline: April 21, 1998

Hank Tops 191,000 Votes In People's Most Beautiful People Poll!

Updated: May 1, 1998 - 8AM


Friday morning, Hank passed 191,000 votes. In reaction to the power of Stern fans and the Internet, other groups started voting heavily for their favorites putting DPK (?) in 2nd place. Don't let anyone or any group pass our Hank in the poll. If you haven't voted, do so.

Vote For...

Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf
In The 3rd Annual People Poll

The deadline is May 8, so vote soon if you haven't and only ONCE since they remove duplicate votes!


People magazine's 3rd annual issue featuring their list of the 50 most beautiful people (in show biz) is well under way.

As a goof, a Stern fan suggested via e-mail that it would be really funny if Stern fans got People to write in "Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf", as one of their choices. So I posted a link to this page with a link to the poll with the concept and promoted it heavily.

Hank had made it into 4th place as of Monday night with the help of this web site, the HS newsgroup and other various Stern pages and Stern fans like yourself.

The voting exploded when Howard talked about the poll Tuesday morning and allowed a caller to give out the URL, helping to diminish the large lead between 16th and 1st place which was a gap of well over 2000 votes.

As of 11:40AM eastern time on Tueday, Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf had taken the lead from the people-pole's front-runner, Leonardo DiCaprio, courtesy of Howard's mention of the poll on the show.

In less than two hours, Hank had added another 1000 votes, putting him well in the lead with over 5100 votes. Around 1:20PM People's web site temporarily pulled the results page down and replaced it with a plain page that read the following:

The people poll is down Due to overwhelming demand, the people-poll has been taken down for maintenance. It should hopefully be up shortly. Come back later to give us your poll.

By 4:30 eastern, the page results page was back up with Hank showing almost 5150 votes.

A reliable source, who actually spoke to one of the webmasters at People, told me that People's web site was overwhelmed with hits and so they decided to take the page down to make sure that "spamming" or robot voting wasn't taking place.

When questioned about this by my source, the webmaster admitted that they were aware of Hank on the Stern show and if he had the votes, then he would win the poll and be featured on the page and that the page would return, unedited.

Another reliable source claims that the people pole page may have been put back up after a call from Richard Johnson of the NY Post's, Page 6, inquiring about the poll, the page and results.

By 8PM on Tuesday, Hank had well over 10,064 votes with an alternative vote for "Drunken Dwarf" trailing behind him in second place with 5984 votes

As of 7AM eastern time Wednesday, Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf had well over 27,000 votes with an alternative vote for "Drunken Dwarf" trailing behind him in second place with 6278 votes.

Late last night, another variation of Hank broke the top 20 and moved into 16th with 1500 votes.

People Online told the NY Post, Hank is a bonefide contender. "He's alive and well and on the ballot."

By 7PM eastern on Wednesday, Hank was approaching 50,000 votes. By popular demand, People Online added a radio button to vote for Hank directly. The top 20 of the poll is littered with variations of the Hank vote. It's starting to get really crazy.

Early Thursday morning, Hank broke the 150,000 vote barrier and is sitting currently with about 158,000. The internet is buzzing with stories on the Hank '98 Vote. The Stern show heard from People Magazine today about this grass-roots movement and they said that Hank wouldn't be on the cover.

By 5PM Thursday, Hank was over 161,000 and climbing.

Special Thanks to RF For Your Brilliant Suggestion.

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