Dateline: June 17, 1997

Stern Show Simulcast Available legally By Telephone!

According to published reports in Radio & Records, a New York U.S. District Court Judge has ruled that a Dallas based company called Media Dial-Up can operate phone lines that provide raw, unedited radio station signals from over 500 stations in the top ten markets to it's subscribers and it isn't against the law.

What this means for some Stern fans who desperately want to hear Howard's show but can't, there's now a way. But it won't be cheap. The price is $100 a month with unlimited use, but long distance charges may apply if you live far from the dial-up number.

Once you subscribe to this service, you'll get a confidential list with access phone numbers that let you listen into shows such as Imus, Rush Limbaugh and of course, Howard.

Dallas fans may benefit if the call is local to the Dallas area since September may bring the end of the Stern show there.

How to use the phone line is up to you. Some suggestions might be to listen to the show through a speaker phone or cordless headset.


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