Updated: July 23, 1997

Stern's "Private Parts" On Laser Disc Too!

By Michael J. Glicksman

I just finished viewing the laserdisc version of Private Parts, which was also released today. The laserdisc sells for $34.99 at some of the stores here in the Baltimore area and is only available in widescreen format. The disc jacket is similiar to the picture shown on the CD cover for Private Parts. (See Right)

The movie is chapter indexed with 32 chapters. The indexes are:

side one

1) Opening Credits/Fartman

2) The Early Years

3) Roosevelt High School

4) Boston U & The Howard Experience

5) Alison

6) Westchester, NY

7) "Disc jockies are dogs!"

8) Howard goes to Hartford

9) Opening Night with Brittany Fairchild 10) Alison Walks Out

11) Detroit

12) Alison Comes Back

13) Howard's Revelation

14) Washington, DC and the Other Woman

15) Baby Fever


side two

16) Sex on the Radio

17) Fred Comes to Town

18) Lesbians = Ratings

19) Alison's Miscarriage

20) Big News

21) Howard Goes to New York

22) Pig Vomit

23) On the Air with WNBC

24) The Match Game

25) Meet Ross Buckingham

26) The Kielbasa Queen

27) Welcome Back, Robin

28) Naked Lady on the Radio

29) Howard on Letterman

30) Stern Rules

31) Howard's Epilogue

32) End Credits


Advance orders for the video can be placed
through KOAM's CDNOW Counter at...



Stern's "Private Parts" Hits The Streets!

The nationwide rental roll-out of Howard's movie, "Private Parts", which earned $42 million dollars last Spring in USA ticket sales began on Tuesday.

From what I understand, the movie will be available for rental now, but you won't be able to purchase it for several weeks.

The suggested retail price for the video is $103.99, which is a bit pricey for a video these days.

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