Dateline: February 10, 1997

Radio City Music Hall First Sought For Stern's "Private Parts" Premiere!

According to an informed source, KOAM.COM has learned that when Howard was first looking for a venue to have his New York City premiere of "Private Parts", the world-famous home of the Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall, was aggressively sought after but to no avail.

My Source also tells me that Radio City charges up to $45,000 per day to rent out the hall and allegedly decided against the rental and even went as far as to refuse a counter offer by Paramount of double ($90,000) the daily rental fee to allow the event to happen there.

The Hall, as insiders call it, would have made a great place to have the premiere since it's seating capacity is several thousand and is large enough for the live bands that are planned yet small enough to show the movie itself, which is the focus of the night.

Then why did Radio City refuse one of the biggest events of the year and all that cash?

Would you believe they were afraid of the publicity. Both positive and negative. Speculation is that top officials at Radio City reportedly felt that one slip of Howard's tongue towards the negative could affect their bottom line. Not to mention if there was some problem or hitch before or after the premiere, he'd be on the air forever reminding his audience and eventually turning it into "Stern show lore".

Radio City is no stranger to Howard's rantings however. During his feud with TexMex singer, Linda Ronstadt, he vented about her concert which was being held there. While he wasn't that hard on Radio City by Stern show standards, he did bring attention to the fact that Ronstadt was a hypocrite because she accused Howard of being a racist while failing to remember her own days of playing Sun City in South Africa.

With Radio City firmly refusing the event, Paramount turned to the next best thing, The Paramount Theater, formally known as the Felt Forum, which is the smaller sister site right next to Madison Square Garden, and a Paramount owned property as well.

Expect Howard to have a big announcement regarding the premiere which is slated for Thursday, February 27, 1997, very soon. And oh yes, I hope too see you there...

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