Dateline: January 29, 1997

The Inside Spin!
The Local Spin On Howard's Ratings From The
People Who Know Best, The Stations Themselves!


This is Dave Jockers, Howard's producer here in Cleveland (WNCX). Howard really kicked ass again. Although he hasn't said anything yet, I sent him some ratings info recently. Check this out...

Arbitron breaks down the listenership into different demographs (Persons, Males & Females) and then they break it down into various age ranges (12-17, 12-24, 12-34, etc, etc). All together there are 108 different demographs, and could you believe that Howard was #1 in 31 of those! Overall, Howard was #1, #2 or #3 in 53 of those demo's! WOW!!!

Here's something else... Not only does WNCX cover Cleveland (Market #22), but we also cover Akron (Market #67), Canton (Market #120) and portions of Youngstown (Market #92). Actually, Arbitron also combines these markets as one in their TSA (Total Survey Area) of Cleveland. When they do this, Cleveland becomes the 12th ranked market with a population of over 3.3 million people. In this particular survey, Howard was #2 with a 7.8 share 12+; WMJI (John Lanigan) has an 8.0; the next closest is the Country station, WGAR, with a 6.0 share. In all of Northeast Ohio, Howard has an estimated 250,000 different people tune him in every week! That's about 1 out of every 13 people of all ages... believe me, that's incredible!!!! And they listen an average of 4 hours and 59 minutes per week, or about an hour per day... once again, that's incredible.

Dave Jockers
WNCX Morning Producer
Programming Assistant


In regard to the Fall Arbitron ratings... Howard's show did a lot better actually than is listed. In every male demo he's number one in Hartford. Adults 18 to 34, he's number two and A25-54 number three. And this is only after seven months. The bigger thing here is that he beat in every demo the "Stern" wannabe here.

As well, please remember one thing in regard to our station. Howard first blossomed as a morning personality at our station. His First morning gig was here.

Ron Dresner


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