Dateline: November 18, 1997
Celine Sucks Stern's Shween!

Around 9:30am yesterday morning, Howard finally went through with his promise to have oral sex with the RealDoll, known for now as Celine Cohen.

With a wireless microphone in one hand and himself in another, Howard went into his private bathroom in the studio and removed his pants and underwear. At first, Howard seemed to have a hard time warming up to the doll's mouth but he shortly overcame that awkward feeling when he entered her lubricated silicone mouth and began his dirty deed.

After returning from a commercial, Howard said he had finished but chose not to "foul" the doll's mouth. "She's better than my wife," Howard bragged. Howard went on to claim that the experience was great and that someone else should try it.

Skeptisim was running rampant as to whether he actually did the doll as claimed. Robin and Gary doubted it and Fred and Jackie back peddled about having their way with her as originally planned.

On this morning's show, Fred agreed to give her a shot and Howard said he'd do her again. "It's the best sex I've ever had," he admitted this morning. So it seems for now that Howard got the best job in radio, blow job, that is.

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