Dateline: August 6, 1997

Robin Goes To The 'Head' Of The Class!

After Gary dropped his bombshell on Monday, Robin kept her word and revealed that she officially became a 3 input woman when she gave oral sex for the first time to her boyfriend, Tony, aka Mr. X.

For years Robin has had very few sexual encounters and when she did, giving head wasn't something she wanted or would do. "I was selfish about my sexuality... It was about me," she explained.

But now with her relationship blossoming with Mr. X, oral sex has come up in conversations between the two. Wanting to please and pleasure Mr. X, Robin clandestinely seeked out an adult video to help educated her on technique. The video she found was filled only with clips of blow jobs.

After watching and studying the tape, Robin finally did the deed with her boy friend and surprisingly enjoyed it. She even said that Mr. X said it was really good.

Although there was no facial or taking it in the mouth the first time out, speculation is that those extras will begin to happen as Robin begins to fully relish her new found talent.

For Robin's efforts, she goes to the 'head' of the class.

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