Dateline: September 2, 1997

Mr. X (Tony) Breaks Off Relations With Robin!

After telling about her ordeal to help save a choking victim, Robin decided to make Tuesday a "two for..." "...Another big announcement," Robin said. "You're pregnant?" Howard joked. No... Tony and... Mr. X and I have broken up," she added with a straight face.

She then went on to explain that Tony broke up with her over increased pressure to commit to their relationship and the possibility of marriage. Speculation is that Robin's biological clock has sounded and that she is finally ready to settle down with a mate. Whether or not she has children remains to be seen since she has said in the past that she didn't want any.

Robin said her and Tony, who has been in and out of her life for the past 12 years, will remain friends and maybe lovers again sometime down the road.

Now that Robin is free to date and bang, it might be a good time to invest in condom stocks like Trojan as sales will be going through the roof in the greater NY City area.

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