Dateline: September 2, 1997

Robin & Kathy To The Rescue!

According to Robin, while on her Summer vacation, she and a friend helped save the life of a perfect stranger who was choking on food while eating at the same restaurant.

It all started when Robin and her friend, Kathy, took a ferry from Ocean City, Maryland, to Cape May, NJ. While in a local eatery, a woman began choking and started turning red in the face with tears swelling out of her eyes. A companion of the woman frantically screamed to the crowded room to see if anyone knew the Heimlich Maneuver. Kathy, who went to nursing school with Robin years ago wondered if the woman was serious. "Yes, she's serious... Go save her!," Robin snapped back in a panic.

After working on the woman for a few seconds, Kathy was able to free the lodged food and the woman was able to breath again. When it was all over, everyone was buying drinks for the two heroes at the bar.

The woman was so grateful, she kept calling Robin and Kathy her "Guardian Angels". She then wrote a note to Robin and Kathy expressing her thankfulness... (Below)

"Dear Ladies - Thank you ever so much. May God bless you and your life and keep you safe. You're in my prayers for life. Thank you from my heart, Kathleen."

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