Dateline: May 12, 1998

Edgy Stern Edges Up In Rochester's Radio Ratings Race!

Howard Stern, the nationally syndicated shock-jock, has edged out local mourning radio star Brother Wease for the first time ever among listeners 12 and older, according to the lastest ratings from Arbitron Co. Stern, who crowed about his numbers on the air, also beat Wease among Stern's target audience-men ages 18 to 34. But Stern was helped by uncharacteristically weak ratings for Wease who still handily beat Stern among his target audience-persons ages 25 to 54. Stern at the Nerve, WNVE-FM(95.1/95.5) was third, with a 8.1 share. And Wease, at WCMF-FM (96.5) was fourth with an unucually low 8.0 share. In the previous quarter, he had a 10.5 share.

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Provided by Rochester superfan Joe Shukitis

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