Dateline: June 19, 1997

Stern Moves Up Quickly In Minneapolis/St. Paul!

In the latest radio ratings trend in Minneapolis/St.Paul, the Stern show heard locally on Rock 100.3 FM (WBOB), has started it's assent in the morning ratings.

What makes the latest ratings so interesting is the fact that for the first two months of the trend, Howard's show wasn't airing on Rock 100.3. Only the last month of the trend which was May, shows Howard's impact.

In May, Howard's actual rating was a 7 share, but without the Stern show in March and April, the station showed a smaller 1.2 jump overall which took it from a 3.4 to a 4.6 in the 12+ ratings category.

This puts Howard's show in 6th place and still a far cry away from winning since his BIGGEST competition, Tom 'the fraud" Barnard, is still sitting pretty with an 18.6 rating, down from 18.9 in this trend.

With Andy Bloom now programming Rock 100.3, Minn/St.Paul, Stern fans are in for a real treat. Andy has been a major part of the Stern show's expansion. He was instrumental in bringing Howard to Philadelphia in 1986 on 94.1 WYSP-FM, which was the first Stern show simulcast station. Several years later, Howard with the help of Andy, brought down the once-mighty John DeBella, something few people believed possible.

After being limited to three regional Infinity owned stations for over 5 years, Howard wanted to expand into other cities and so he set his sights on Los Angeles. In 1991, Howard once again teamed up with Andy and took the show to #1 in under 2 years on KLSX, beating Mark & Brian, the local favorites.

In a phone conversation last night, Andy told me he was looking forward to taking Rock 100.3 to the top, much like he did WYSP and KLSX, and that he's all ready got a game plan in action to defeat the competition. He also told me that it's good to be back in his home town doing what he likes best, with Stern on his side.

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