Dateline: January 30, 1997

Ragging Rodney Gets Real With Jackie Over Unpaid Loan!

Joke Man Claims, "I Gave It Back In Jokes!"The Joke Man

Prompted by a question by Mike Gange to Rodney Dangerfield as he was leaving Howard's show today, it was revealed that Jackie Martling's friendship with Rodney Dangerfield wasn't always as friendly as Jackie claimed because of an allegedly unpaid loan.

"You told them you don't know me?" Jackie asked Rodney with bewilderment. "I know you very well. I said we had 'problems'. We had a few problems that I'm sure you'll remember...," Rodney replied.

The latest controversy involving Jackie centers around a $1000 loan from Rodney many years ago to help Jackie put out one of his many comedy albums. Rodney says the debt is unpaid, Jackie says he "gave it back with jokes". By that, Jackie means he wrote jokes for Rodney and then gave them to him as payment. "I borrowed some money. I paid it back. And asked to borrow some more," Jackie claimed. "You never paid me back, okay. You just came back and asked me to borrow more money," Rodney quipped. "I borrowed a thousand dollars and I gave it back to you in jokes. You don't remember that?" Jackie asked. Rodney continued to insist that he wouldn't lie about something like that and the debt was still unpaid and that it wasn't a problem with him anymore.

What did seem to get under Rodney's skin however was a remark that Jackie supposedly made in an interview about how he was so surprised that so many of HIS jokes were in Rodney's stand-up act. "I have never said that," Jackie insisted.

After leaving the studio twice, Rodney returned for a third time after listening to everyone including Jackie discuss the situation further. "There's a few hundred things I didn't cover," Rodney joked. He then confirmed Jackie's claim that he wrote Rodney's famous "two bager" joke.

Then, in a last minute effort to settle the debt, even though he felt he had repaid it with jokes, Jackie reached into his wallet for some cash. Surprisingly enough, there wasn't enough so Jackie offered him a check. "You're gonna get paid," Howard told Rodney. "This is good. If he owes you a grand, let him pay it," he added. Meaning what he said about the loan being "ancient history", Rodney told Jackie, "Well, this is very nice...but I'm afraid I'm just leaving it (the check) here."


For those of you who missed this segment live, Howard will most likely be replaying it early Friday (1/31) morning.

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