Dateline: December 3, 1997
Citizen Censorship Group Goes After Stern In San Diego!
by Peter W. Singer

A group of goofballs calling themselves "The Children's Protection Alliance of San Diego County" or (CPASDC) have placed a half-page "open letter" in the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego's only daily newspaper, complaining about the Howard Stern show and a couple of other locally-produced programs.

CPASDC is promoting a boycott of Jacor-owned radio stations and their advertisers. Additionally, they are asking listeners to keep logs of "raunchy or smutty" "hazardous adult material" and then report this information to them at 800-777-7036. A recorded message at that number identifies the group as E.R.A.S.E. (end radio air smut effectively). CPASDC is also asking that complaints be lodged with the Federal Communications Commission.

Several months ago, following pressure from the Mexican government, Jacor moved the Howard Stern Show from its 91X (XTRA) station to ROCK-105.3 (KIOZ), its present home. While Jacor owns both stations, the transmitters for 91X are located in Mexico and thus, under the control of Mexican officials.

Rick Roberts, a local talk show host on Jacor's KOGO-AM, has attempted to take on the CPASDC by complaining that their blanket boycott affects all of the shows on the Jacor stations (including his) and that he has never aired the types of material complained about by this group.

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