Dateline: January 8, 1998
Scott Comes Clean About His Push-Ups!

ScottOn this morning's show, Howard made his final decision about the fate of the bet with Scott the Engineer after speaking with Scott and working out an on-air deal.

Besides the actual push-up count, the other bone of contention is that Scott never did real push-ups but instead did "worms", a struggling worm like push-up where his thighs and belly hit the floor. After last night's E! show, it was apparent that whatever Scott was doing, there were only 16 and not 17 as he thought.

Howard dared Scott to admit his thighs touched the ground for a $10,000 bonus prize. "Did your thighs touch the ground?" Howard asked. Scott said he wasn't sure and that he felt that by hitting the judge's hand 17 times meant he did 17 push-ups.

ScottAfter a commercial break, a somber Scott came back into the studio and admitted that "after looking at the tape, I did not do 17 perfect push-ups." Since Scott came clean and admitted that he didn't win the bet, Howard and the gang decided that he should be paid in full, including Jackie's prepaid $5,000."You're getting paid because your pathetic. It's charity,..." Howard told Scott.

It's not likely that Scott will be paying off his side of the bet which was $3,100 and a naked stroll down 5th avenue.

For now the bet seems to be finally resolved.

If more develops, I'll keep you posted!

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