Dateline: March 31, 1998
Is Stern Set For San Francisco?

Speculation out of the Bay Area concerning Howard's show is running rampant. CBS owned Live 105, the ex-home of Alex Bennett, started running spots on Monday stating that after months of research, "San Francisco morning radio will never be the same". The promo continued, "Tune in Wednesday morning" and ended with, "this is a CBS radio station".

My source tells me that in all of the years of listening to Live 105, he has never heard them run a spot like this before. Not even after CBS acquired the station a year ago.

San Jose and San Francisco stations can reach each others markets. Howard actually shows up in the San Francisco ratings due to his presence on KOME in San Jose. But without him actually being on a San Francisco signal, his real impact on ratings and revenue can't be realized by his bosses.

San Francisco is the nation's 4th largest radio market and is still missing from the Stern show's morning crown.

If this speculation turns out to be real, it wouldn't be the first time a CBS station used April Fools' Day for Howard's arrival. Back in 1996, WBCN in Boston moved Howard's show to mornings from afternoon drive on this fool of fools day.

If it's a joke, so be it.

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