Dateline: January 16, 1997

Ah Yes... Snapple?

Picture this... Howard comes back from a recorded commercial into one of his world-famous live spots. As the microphone opens, with "Tequila" playing in the background, you hear him utter that oh so familiar phrase, "Ahh yes... Snapple!" Is this a trip down Memory Lane or is this 1997?

Well, according to published reports, it might be 1997. It seems that executives at Infinity (now CBS for the time being), invited the top-dog at Quaker Oats along with some other Oats executives to New York recently for what has been described as an effort to "patch" things up with Howard. Whether Howard is a willing participant in all this is still unknown at this time. Chances are he will be if Snapple does and says the right things for him and the show. $$$$$$$$$

Quaker Oats bought Snapple in 1995 and has since stopped advertising on Howard's show citing his 'controversial" nature. Angry at Snapple's back-stabbing, Howard almost called for his fans to boycott the product in 1996, but backed off the boycott while stepping up his verbal attacks on Quaker Oats and their loss of revenue and market share in the cluttered soft-drink market.

Howard single-handedly help put Snapple on the map when it first started selling it's fruit juices and ice teas here in the New York area. With Howard's live commercials on the radio and the exposure on the Channel 9 TV show, Snapple began to grow into a national company that was eventually purchased for almost two billion dollars by Quaker Oats.

Business is business, and so if Snapple does come back, you can once again expect those immortal words from Howard, "Ahh yes... Snapple!"

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