Dateline: February 23, 1997

Saturday Night Stern!

Howard At The DeskAs anticipated, Howard showed up on last night's "Saturday Night Live" during the Fake News with Norm McDonald.

Under the premise of being a TV reviewer, which lasted all of three seconds, Howard took the opportunity to share his long-time feelings about "SNL" with everyone. "I'm here to say that I think that 90% of SNL sucks. The sketches are kind of weak, I think we'll all agree. I think the only good thing on Saturday Night Live is Norm...," Howard said.

He then talked about some different sketch ideas he wanted to do but couldn't because there wasn't enough time to pull things together. One such idea was to have Kathie Lee Gifford and Regis Philbin on their show talking about how disgusting Howard is because he calls Gifford's son, Cody, the Incubus, and how he hoped that Cody grew up to be a gay Senator. At that point, Fartman would enter the studio and blow Kathie Lee's head up with his powerful gases.

Howard and FredBeing there to promote the March release of "Private Parts", Howard brought with him a shorter version of the movie clip that is being shown in different cities in the various "Private Parts" buses, trucks or strip clubs.

The clip shows Howard and Fred ending up in a sexy redheaded starlets hotel room back when they worked in Hartford. As she enters the bathroom, she starts to undress and fill the bath tub. Howard and Fred watch eagerly until the clip ends. Stern fans should note that this scene in it's entirety is, in my opinion, practically the film version of the Jessica Hahn Bathtub Incident, with a few changes here and there.

At the end of the segment, Howard had several bikini clad women, who were most likely Scores girls, surrounded him and Norm in true Stern style.

Girls, Girls, Girls!

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