Retro-Stern Revisits...

The Gary Puppet Abduction!

Dateline: August 8, 1994 - 1PM -

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During a personal appearance for Sony at a Paramus, NJ, HI-FI store, Howard's producer, Gary, came face to face with his worst nightmare; not returning to K-Rock with the very-popular-at-the-time, Gary puppet. Howard had warned Gary not to let anything happen to the puppet which was enjoying loads of popularity due to it's incredible likeness to Gary and Fred's ability to bring it to life at a moments notice. (Left - Gary Puppet Picks His Ear Just Moments Before His Abduction!)

Luckily for Gary, the abduction of the Gary puppet was a goof master-minded by Howard, Jackie & Fred and played out by Stuttering John and his friends. After two long days of wondering how he was going to tell Howard about the puppet being missing, Gary was left with no choice but to fess up before Howard asked for the puppet. After a long ball-breaking tirade by Howard, it was revealed to all that it was all a practical joke on Gary, much to his joyfull relief. (Right- Gary & His Little Buddy)

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