Dateline: March 24, 1998
Alice & Howard: Strange Bedfellows?
Courtesy of FMQB

Challenging preconceived notions about Modern AC, WALC (Alice @104.1)/St. Louis picked up The Howard Stern Show this morning, displacing locals Courtney & Joe DeNiro. Stern's second Emmis outlet is his first Modern AC.

Will Howard's testosterone-fueled show mesh with female-leaning Alice? "Everybody agrees it's a risky move but we've done riskier things," Alice PD Bob Davis tells fmqb. "Stern is unequivocally the best morning show in America and Modern AC suffers from a lack of strong talent. Plus Howard has more female appeal than he gets credit for. This has the potential to be a really positive combination."

Among the unanswered questions: Will Stern turn off Alice's female audience? Will his male cume stick around after his show ends? Emmis-St. Louis VP of Programming Rick Balis says The King Of All Media's Gateway City arrival was inevitable. He figures that adding Stern to the Emmis menu-- which also includes Bob & Tom on Heritage Rock KSHE and Steve & D.C. on Country WKKX-- "puts us in a position to dominate St. Louis morning radio." Stern's first potshot at KSD morning man J.C. Corcoran was calling him "cock ring." The two worked together at DC101/Washington in the early '80s.

Special Thanks To FMQB.


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