Dateline: February 17, 1998
Stern Ratings Soar In Syracuse!
By KCChiefJoe

It took him less than 2 years, but Howard Stern has done it! He has taken WAQX-FM (95X) from roughly seventh place in the market to third place overall. But more importantly, he has the NUMBER ONE rated show in SYRACUSE, NY!

Overall, 95X is Number ONE with listeners 18-34, and Number TWO for listeners 25-54! This is absolutely amazing! And, for the Howard Stern Show, 95X got a 42.5 share of the men listening who were between 18-34. That means that more than 2 out of every 5 guys between the ages of 18-34 listen to Howard Stern in Syracuse!

In overall ratings news, 95X is now the #3 station in the entire market with an overall share of 7.5, bested only by Country Station B104.7 with a 9.7, and WSYR-AM (news/talk) with a 7.7. But this is the first time in recent memory that the number one station in town got less than a 10 share! Howard has helped 95X move slowly but surely up the ladder!

The only sad thing was that when the Syracuse Ratings were talked about on the Stern show a few weeks ago, and Howard asked Robin if they should go to Syracuse to thank the fans, and Robin said NO, because she'd been to Syracuse, and they weren't missing about bumming us out!!

Howard has been in Rochester for several years, yet he hasn't been #1 in that market ever, while here in Syracuse, he's been here about a year and a half, and HOWARD is NUMBER 1! Syracuse loves the Stern Show!

Oh, and how could I forget Don Imus! Imus toils away on the 13th rated station in Syracuse, which got a 2.3 share overall. Again, a test signal does better!


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