Dateline: October 1, 2004 -

Howard's Love E-mail To
Teri Hatcher Revisited!

Below is the actual text of the love E-mail that Howard first sent to Teri Hatcher back in December of 1995. During her appearance this morning, the letter came up, so I thought I'd share it with you once again...


Dear Teri,

I am never writing you again, I think. I love that you wrote to me but you make me too horny. The thought of you writing me in your bra and panties makes me crazy and I can't take it. I have a wife and family and I am tired of you trying to seduce me. I love them but I know I could easily fall in love with you. Just so you know, I am in my bra and panties now . Just like you I wear my bra and panties when I write. If you were my girlfriend, I would want to have you in the doggie position. I would suck on you 'till your head caved in. Is this too strong? You must forgive me my darling if this is too strong but my pants are on fire. I'm typing with one hand and picking my buttocks with the other. You are too cute. It is so hard to get my feelings on paper but hey this isn't paper. Did I say I want to get you in the doggie position? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm repeating myself. In conclusion, I would like to write you a final love poem. Rose are red, violets are blue, I'd like to hook a milking machine to you. I don't think that works but the sentiment is there.

PS...Could you send me a picture of your naked feet to remember you by?

PPS...Would you send me a .WAV file of you moaning my name. By the way, my name is Howard.

PPSS...How is your fag husband? I know he is not gay but I hat his gay guts.

PP etc...Don't try to blackmail me with this letter or I'll send OJ to your house.


Howard Stern

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