>>>> DATELINE: 02.09.06 <<<<


The Objective:

Match The Person To The Revelation.

The Players:

Joey Boots - King of all Blacks - Double A - Nicole Bass
High Pitch Eric - Captain Janks - Kenneth Keith Kallenbach

The Revelations:

“When I was 12, I banged a friend’s mom, and 10 years later, banged his wife after he got married”

“I put a wrapped cigar up my ass while having phone sex”

“I once got drunk with a friend, let him take out my penis and measure it, and then I tongue kissed him”

“When I was 15, I was anally raped by a stranger”

“When I was 18, a close family member put me on a plane to deliver 4 kilos of cocaine”

“I once ripped off a blind neighbor, his uncle left me $200 to give to him to help him pay a bill and I only gave him two $10 bills”

“I once made out with a former staff member’s wife”

The Reveal:

Next week the Wack Packers will 'fess up to who did what and why.


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