Dateline: March 12, 1996 - NYC.

The Diceman Dices Jackie!

DiceAfter another noticeable absence, this time for over a year, Shock Comic, Andrew Dice Clay, has come back into the Stern show fold. "The Diceman is back. He was avoiding me but he came back," Howard said. "Is this Andrew Clay or Andrew "Dice" Clay", he added sarcastically. "It's Andrew Dice Clay. Don't play Howard, you know me," Dice snapped back. It seems Dice's troubles started when he first became involved with CBS and his short-lived comedy, "Bless This House". In order to get the CBS deal, he dropped his "Dice" persona and distanced himself from things like Howard's show. As to what happened with that show, Dice explained that CBS promised to put the "edge" back in his character, but they never followed through. This, Dice says, was a contributing factor to the show's cancellation.

Being the King Of All Instigators, Howard said to Dice, "I heard you were mad at Jackie The Joke Man." "I'm a little mad. He's better as a puppet," Dice told Howard. He then went on to explain that he was pissed at Jackie over a comment he made to Howard one day on the air about Dice running back to Howard now that his TV show's been canceled. "What did I ever do to him?" Dice wondered aloud. "I don't run to Howard for nothing, Jackie. You're his pity case, not me. The day Howard decides to quit radio is the day you're out of business, so shut your mouth!," Dice ranted. Not be the quiet type in a situation like this, Jackie tossed out one-liners which made Dice angrier and angrier. "You want to come up against the best comic ever? You want to open your mouth on this radio. I'll bury you. Don't ever come up against me, I am the best...," Dice raved. To which Jackie replied in frustration, "Oh eat me!".

JackieThe original purpose of the call was to plug Dice's up-coming HBO special entitled, "Assume The Position" and to offer tickets to last night's (3/12) taping. But by this time, Dice was yelling and screaming at Jackie. He even promised to rag on him on stage during the taping of the special. "You want the fans to start calling you Jackie the Jerk Off? I can make that happen...," Dice claimed. Not taking him too seriously, Jackie started breaking Dice's balls again about his weight and thinning hair. This infuriated him immensely. "...Go ahead. Go have a drink, maybe it will clear your mind. Go ahead, smoke your pot. Dope addict. Drunk. That's what I think. That's my opinion of you... Tonight you pay, tonight you get disciplined. Assume the position. Spread 'em, spread 'em... I'm the King. I'm the King!," Dice vented as he hung up.

Dice never did rag on Jackie during that special which aired on HBO in May.

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